Make Someone Happy With A Coffee


Welcome to our organic coffee retail and café. We are here to provide you a relaxing environment while you
serve you come handpicked coffee. Check out our range of coffee products and have a favorite.


We Welcome You In The Abraxas Shop....

We have been bringing you the best coffee from around the world so that you only receive the most classic coffee experience in traditional ways. Enjoy your evenings with books or your loved ones in a comfortable, home-like café.

High Quality Products

100% organic coffee and coco-products.

Friendly Customer Service

We are always present to help you with a purchase.

Stunningly Beautiful Interior

We have a place that you can call your office, or relaxing hut.

Truly Classic Experience

We are a highly rated café in the locality for our best practices.


Our coffee shop is not your neighborhood café that just serves coffee. We are here to share experiences.

Handcrafted Chillums

Find the best glass and earth chillums for your collection.

High Quality Vaporizers

Select from a range of safe and high-quality vaporizers at the best prices.

HEMP Clothing

Explore our handmade hemp fabric and clothing for an organic lifestyle.

Hand Drawing

A great and the collection of art is waiting for you at or store.


We provide a classic artistic ambiance to our guests that leave them in awe of the moment.
A relaxing and soothing experience awaits at our coffee shop.


What They Say
Truly a relaxing experience that I crave every evening after my office. Gladly the café is nearby my workplace, so I can be here whenever I want. It is like a second home.
Dorris R McMullin
What really impressed me is how calm and polite the staff members are. I could feel connected and welcomed all the time I was there without the need to get involved in unnecessary conversations.
James D Calvert



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